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hi ppl

2007-10-15 16:00:50 by randydog

the shyguy kingdom :where all my spritesand others are hosted
serch it on google its fab

20 signs

2007-10-14 13:05:54 by randydog

i am looking for 20+ artist to help me make -

20+ signs that your addicted to sega,nintendo etc

just put your auditions swf files to
^^ nothing to do with hackers it was meant to be whacker

remeber at the end of your thing put about it and the number you want to be

you may
make your own nimber animation but there must be no sound with it do that
i can proide animation sound remeberto include your username with a link to ur user page see my forum thread for more details

big massive game tournament

2007-09-03 14:21:33 by randydog

hello people you may not know this but..

im holding (online) a big massive humungous game tournament (multiplayer versions of my games)
and with your help i can do this i need some developers with me to get together their best multiplayer games there gonna be in a game where you vs anyone against he world at them or you can make one in my games (new ones) you may noticelittle links to sponsors and such and to this post thank you for reading this now go play my games


2007-08-26 08:41:19 by randydog

nene farts

need music

2007-08-11 13:35:46 by randydog

need music dont got any stuff to make it with get kev to make u music with
mixcraft ill make u music for ur flash instantly (1/2 hour aslogn as i get credit no credit no music

how many cool points have i got?

2007-07-22 06:29:10 by randydog

Cool Points: 99999999